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We are a reliable tree service company that serves primarily in the Peoria, Illinois community. Our establishment offers quality services from tree removal and stump grinding to tree maintenance and cabling-bracing installation. We offer first-done-right services at fair prices. Our tree surgeons all provide amazing work in West Hallock, Kickapoo, Hanna City, Pekin, Morton, Harvard Hills, Germantown Hills, and more!

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Tree Service Company Peoria IL

We recommend hiring tree experts for tree service because it prevents future costly damages. Attempting to be frugal could cost yourself extensive property damage and expenses to fix the problem. Leaving the tree work to professionals, like our friends in Tree Service North Andover MA, will also allow your trees and shrubs to flourish and look polished in the best way possible all year round. Our highly trained tree experts have many years of experience in providing tree service in Peoria IL. They are familiar with the trees and plants that originated in Illinois. Our team always chooses the most time and cost-efficient methods of tree services to ensure our customer receives the best results at fair prices. Our crew provides value to our customers as we always provide tips and insights into how they can care for their trees.

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We Are a Reliable Tree Service Company

Our company is made up of Illinois state board certified arborists that are also trained to provide great customer service and value to our customers. For assurance purposes, we require our skilled tree experts to have compensation and liability insurance. We want to protect our customers and workers, as well as reserve our reputation as a dependable tree service company in Peoria, Illinois. Our establishment is known for providing the highest quality of tree services with fair pricing. In contrast to us and other tree service companies, we justify the cost of our best pricing with desired results. We specialize in tree stump removal, branch removal, tree lopping, tree stump grinding, tree removing and tree root removal, chipping on site, and more!

Tree Removal Peoria IL

With all things nature, trees can grow anywhere, even in places that could be bothersome such as close to a house or the power line. This could be dangerous, especially in windy weather conditions. The tree could tug on the power line or it could even scratch on the side or roof of the house. When thunder hits, the tree could collapse, causing a blackout or destruction on the house. Of course, this part of this issue can be resolved from simple tree trimming. This would prevent scratching and tugging. Some of our clients consider tree removal because the roots are overgrown into the house’s foundation or ruining their concrete landscape. Tree removal is a good option to completely remove future hazardous threats. If you don’t want to pay for months of tree maintenance, that is understandable! It requires extra caution when removing trees in sensitive areas to prevent unfortunate events. When our team removes trees, we carefully trim the branches from top to bottom of the stem. Then we cut off the stem with a woodcutter chainsaw from top to bottom. Lastly, we transport the wood onto our bucket truck. We’ve been perfecting our craft alongside our sister company, Tree Removal Haverhill MA, for the last 20 years and can confidently say that we can do this job with our eyes closed! If you’re in need of tree removal service in Peoria IL, feel free to contact us. 

Tree Trimming Peoria IL

We all love a grown tree with large branches as it provides shade on a hot summer day. However, blocking sunlight all the time isn’t a good thing. You might notice the long timing dampness of soil under the tree after a rain. The grass may be discolored or sparse towards the roots of the tree. The plants around the tree are weak. You might even see mushrooms, mold or moss growing underneath the tree. These are signs of lack of sunlight. Plants need water, nutrients, and sunlight. They cannot flourish with all the sunlight blocked off from the branches. The best way to fix this problem is to trim or prune the branches. Removing the limbs would allow more sunlight to pass through onto the tree’s roots and any plants underneath the canopy. As a Peoria tree service company, we provide excellent tree trimming in Peoria IL.

Tree Pruning Peoria IL

tree trimming Peoria il

Our team is experienced in cutting trees in ways that allow it to flourish and minimize the risk of damages. Our amazing arborists also practice dead wooding, which is the process of pruning off the decaying wood to allow maximum growth on healthier parts of the tree. Trimming trees can tremendously impact the health of the plants when done incorrectly. When trimming the big parts of the tree, it could result in a flesh cut, therefore, it could expose the tree to wood-decaying elements. With our branch cutter equipment, we make sure to trim the trees in the minimalist way possible. This way, we can trim the trees just enough to have it thrive in the seasons while minimizing damages. Call us for great tree trimming in Peoria, IL. Or call our partners in Tree Service Brockton MA.

Stump Removal Peoria IL

When thinking about a stump, it’s expected that you wouldn’t think anything of it. But stumps are still alive, therefore, it is still sucking surrounding nutrients and water. With anything alive, it can also grow. If you notice the sparseness or discoloration of grass and plants around the stump, that is due to the lack of water and nutrients. If you have stumps next to concrete or house, the roots can grow into it, causing cracks and splits into the foundation. We want to disclaim that, once the roots are established and grow, it will be even harder to remove it. If you do research on how to remove stumps, you may learn different methods to stump removal. However, as professional tree experts, we do not recommend homemade methods as it could cause extensive harm, especially if the stump is grown in sensitive places. As a Peoria tree service company, we take our job seriously when it comes to removing stumps. Our team is licensed to remove stumps in the most efficient manner. Our recommended method is stump grinding compared to manual stump removal. Stump grinding is the eco-friendly, time, and labor efficient method that will leave your landscape spotless. If you are looking for stump grinding in Peoria IL, please call us for assistance. 

Cabling & Bracing Peoria IL

Like many living matters, trees age and decay. The signs can appear physically through the discoloration and breakage of branches and bark. Trees with large branches are dangerous, especially in bad weather, as it can break off and injure someone or damage something nearby. One of the most important signs is when trees are tilting. Decaying in the roots or trunk of trees can cause tilting as the foundation is not able to fully support the weight of the entire stem.  As a Peoria tree service company, we offer many options that can add structural support to trees. We provide cabling and bracing services to those that want to preserve the natural state of the trees and the environment. The cable will be placed under the branches as it eases the tension within the joints of heavily weighted branches. The cabling is applied to the upper crown of the tree for branch support. While bracing is applied under the canopy for overall weight support. Steel rods are installed above or below cracks or split in the trunk to add stability. This system is great for storm damage impact prevention as it reduces the movement of the branches and relieves the pressure. 

Emergency Tree Service Peoria IL

Peoria is a beautiful city that advertises its arts and garden. However, the city doesn’t always hold up great due to the unpredictable awful weather. We sometimes face thunderstorms, rainstorms, or even snowstorms. There’s no way to prevent these violent weathers but there are ways to prevent awful storm damages. Our Peoria tree service company believes that the best way to combat the worst storm impacts is to establish great tree maintenance. Most trees collapse during a storm due to their occurring poor conditions. For example, trees tilt due to its weak decaying trunks. If an arborist assessed the tree prior to the storm, they would’ve suggested a cabling and bracing system installation to add structural support to the tree. Or the branches could’ve been trimmed to relieve the weight on the foundation. Large trees are susceptible to impactful damages in contrast to small trees. During or after bad weather, if you are in need of emergency services, our group of trustworthy tree experts will not hesitate to offer a helping hand. We will inspect the area and stabilize the place to the best of our abilities. We will relieve hazardous conditions and assist in restoration through a cleanup operation.

Commercial Tree Service Peoria IL

Whether you need tree trimming for renovations or monthly tree maintenance, we are the best company for you. As a Peoria tree service company, we offer a great range of services that will build a great reputation for your company, yet wow your employees and customers. Our team is trained for residential and commercial tree services and does the work differently based on the environment. In commercial environments, we consider greater liability and time-sensitivity. When exporting or importing tree service equipment, debris, and pieces of trees, we are cautious in observing our environment. We understand that we are working closely on active streets and pedestrian areas. Which is why we take our job seriously in working efficiently and effectively. Stump removal is a popular service as it is seen as unprofessional in a commercial property. When requesting for stump removal, we will use a power grinder to smooth the area down, then extract the roots. One of our top tree services is tree trimming is it is the top tree maintenance work. It is active to have the trees trimmed monthly to prevent the branches from falling onto someone, causing an injury and resulting in a lawsuit. If you are in need of professional tree experts to work for a commercial project, feel free to reach out to us for our qualifications. 

Tree Trimming Peoria IL

We provide tree removal, tree trimming, stump removal services in Peoria, East Peoria, Bartonvilla, Creve Coeur, Bellevue, Norwood, Pottstown, Mossville, Alta and more.