Stump Removal Peoria IL

Cutting a tree is only half part of the tree removal services. Stump removal and stump grinding completes the process of completely removing a tree from your property. Common people don’t know the stump and root system underneath the ground. It can spread from a few feet to several feet underneath the ground. If the stump is right next to concrete, the roots will go inside, causing cracks in the foundation. Which is why we recommend to deal with the stump after cutting down the tree. 

Stump Grinding Peoria IL

You may be tempted to do-it-yourself. However, DIY methods may cause more damage than harm. It’s a job that requires professional services. We have certified & qualified stump removal professionals and highly efficient machinery to deliver stump removal & stump grinding services. The roots can grow 100 to 150 feet in width, but the stump doesn’t grow beyond 6 inches to 8 inches. Hence, stump removal is a better choice as compared to removing the roots. We are professional and offer efficient stump removal services as well as the removal of stubborn roots by perfect grinding. Our tree expert can not only grind stump efficiently, we can extract roots as well. Leaving the landscape spotless for further designing.

Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

Stump removal is an involved task that demands time & effort. Many people think it’s not necessary to remove the stump after removing the tree. However, we will prove you otherwise. Stumps usually don’t grow more than 8 inches. When it’s fresh, and at an equal level with the grass, it creates several risks. It creates tripping hazards. Such a stump can cause damage to your lawnmower. Your children may fall over it, which is why you should consider stump removal and grinding services. Besides being hazardous, tree stumps take up valuable space in your garden. Tree stump becomes an obstacle for your lawn equipment and causes hindrance in performing lawn maintenance work. Tree stumps are a sort of eyesores. Ideally, you would want your lawn or garden to have lush, green, and tall trees. It’s not only hazardous, but it looks unpleasant to eyes as well. 

Why Should You Choose Professional Stump Removal & Grind?

Instead of digging out the stump, grinding is a better choice. Our Peoria tree service can work with you to remove the stump as well. While digging out a stump, more debris causes a large hole in the ground. We have high-quality stump grinding machinery and qualified operators who have years of experience in stump removal and stump grinding. Our professionals grind the stump into smaller pieces and quickly remove the stump from your ground. It is strongly advised to hire a professional stump removal and grinding services for professional work. 

Doing this yourself can be a risky thing because you need to wear protective gear while grinding the stump. A professional stump removal and grinding service provider has tools & techniques to work efficiently. The cost depends on the size & scope of work. However, we try to keep it as affordable as possible. So get in touch with Peoria Tree Service now for the best stump removal and grinding services!